Merry Christmas from Traveline Cymru

One bitter December night, a bearded man in a deep red coat lurks in the shadows of a small welsh town.

That pesky sleigh! I told Mrs S that runner was on it’s way out! I’ll never deliver all these presents in time.

Fortunately, our Christmas Crusader found just the answer.

No problem sir, the No.122 will be with you in 6 minutes

Hi, I need to get to Tonyrefail pronto!

In true fictitious fashion... 6 mins later

Hey drive, we have a new mission tonight. I need to get to a lot of places.

No problem! You’re in Wales. We've got Traveline Cymru at our finger tips

...What with the online Journey Planner, the Bus Stop Finder, the Call Centre and the App...

...if we can’t get you there tonight I’ll eat my ticket machine!

Thank goodness for TravelineCymru.

Rudolph you’re fired!

Jingle all the way home this christmas with all the info you'll need!

Merry Christmas

From Traveline Cymru!

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